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Costs to the Student for the Internship

​Q. What are the costs to the student for the internship?

A. The basic costs are:
  1. Airfare - generally between $800 and $1,600, but may be higher
  2. Housing - in 2017 costs range between $75 and $100 per student per week in shared housing.
  3. Food - except for complimentary lunches on clinic days, students pay food costs.
  4. Medical - whatever cost is associated with the medical/evacuation insurance that is required for each student.
  5. Professional liability - whatever cost is associated with the insurance required by the student's program plus approx. 80 euros for Italian insurance.
  6. Vehicle - a shared vehicle, required for all sites, costs between $600 and $1200 for an 8-week internship.
  7. Uniforms - provided at two facilities. At the other students provide their own white scrubs. All students provide their own white clinic shoes (tie or                      Velcro closure) and a clinic-appropriate bathing suit for aquatic therapy.

Additional costs are variable, depending on student choice, and can include cell phone, Internet access, touring costs, and souvenirs.

Students participating in a shared housing arrangement and leasing or renting a vehicle shared with others have generally found that all costs associated with the internship can be covered with $5,000 for an 8-week internship.

Q. Is there an administrative fee for the program?

A. There is a per student administrative fee payable to Eduglobal Associates. This fee, which varies depending on the length of the internship, can be paid by the program or the individual student. It covers all coordination by Eduglobal between the PT program, its students, and the facilities, which have contracted with Eduglobal to assure timely and accurate communication in Italian. Coordination historically has been required:

1. to secure invitations for internship placement 
2. to advise on air and ground travel arrangements
3. to secure housing access and orientation
4. to assist with cell phone and Internet access
5. to assist in orientation to the clinical site and clinical personnel
6. to assist in identifying appropriate Italian words and phrases for clinical and social communication
7. to assist in attaining cultural competence in a variety of situations
8. to assure timely completion of the mid-term and final CPI evaluations
9. to assist in conflict resolution
10. to advise the academic program regarding a critical incident
11. to assist in negotiating a remedial learning contract
12. to facilitate the site visit of an ACCE/DCE, including translation where required
13. to assist in arranging special educational events, such as surgical observation or continuing education
14. to orient the student to the Italian medical and rehabilitation systems
15. to assist the student in case of an emergency
16. to facilitate the student's return to the USA 

Eduglobal retains paid personnel at each site to assist students in all logistical aspects of the internship including tourist travel.

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