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Umbertide, Umbria, Italy
Eduglobal Associates Clinical Sites
​Prosperius is a nationally renowned facility specializing in adult orthopedic and  neurological rehabilitation
Eduglobal Associates has contracted with five Italian rehabilitation facilities to offer clinical education experiences to American physical therapy students in CAPTE-accredited DPT programs.  Onsite personnel are available to assist students with housing, transportation, and travel arrangements.

Here are summary descriptions of the facilities, each facility's CSIF, and a locational map.
Gavinana, Tuscany, Italy
Turati is one of Tuscany's premier rehabilitation and long-term care centers with several specialized units.
Istituto Prosperius Tiberino

Coming in 2018!

We are currently contracting to provide internship placements 
at two additional sites in Italy.
Istituto Prosperius Tiberino Location:
Via C. Forlanini, 5
06019 Umbertide (PG), Italy
Fondazione F. Turati Location:
Via F. Turati, 86
51028 Gavinana (PT), Italy
Fondazione F. Turati
Villa Pineta
Pavullo nel Frignano, 
Emilia Romagna, Italy
Villa Pineta is a cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation hospital rehabilitation with a cutting-edge ventilator weaning unit as well as COPD, cardiac, and bariatric programs.
Villa Pineta Location:
Via Gaiato, 127
41020 Pavullo nel Frignano (MO), Italy
Zagarolo, Lazio, Italy
Impruneta, Tuscany, Italy
This new 40-bed facility near Rome admits orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation patients.
Fondazione F. Turati
Villa delle Terme
Villa delle Terme is is rehab facility and SNF in the suburbs of Florence. There are 80 inpatient beds with an outpatient service.
Fondazione F. Turati Location:
Via Colle del Pero, 1/a-b-c
00039 Zagarolo (RM), Italy
Villa delle Terme Location:
Via Cassia, 217
Locality Falciani
50023 Impruneta (FI), Italy